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The Mechanism

When EcoClean is applied to the soil or groundwater, the first group of microbes ferments EcoClean to release organic acids such as Lactic acid, Butyric acid, Propionic acid, Acetic acid and Pyruvic acid. This group of microbes also uses oxygen and other electron acceptors such as nitrate, Fe (III), Mn(IV) and creates anaerobic subsurface environment. These acids are further hydrolyzed to release hydrogen by subsequent group of microbes. Under obligate anaerobic conditions, microorganisms use chlorinated solvents for respiration, and the hydrogen released from EcoClean as the source of energy. During this process removing one Chlorine atom at a time sequentially degrades the chlorinated hydrocarbon molecule. The resulted end products of whole process would be non-toxic ethylene, inorganic chlorides, carbon dioxide and water.

Dechlorination process  


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