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Field Results


Field results of EcoClean and EcoClean-M application

EcoClean series have been widely applied on more than 500 sites in Japan, the US, India and Thailand.

EcoClean being applied to treat source area at Newport, New Hampshire


EcoClean Field result : Site A

  iconLocated in Kyushu, south of Japan.
  iconHydrogeology in brief: weathered sand stone and mud stone, silty clay. The hydraulic conductivity varies with location between 10-4 to 10-6 cm/sec.
  iconPretreatment: Pump and treat was done for several years. In spite of that the contamination (TCE and cis-DCE) concentration was more than 100 times the environmental standard (TCE 0.03mg/L,cis-DCE 0.04mg/L).
  iconEcoClean injection: EcoClean was injected with special grouting technique under moderate pressure. Within 8 months of EcoClean injection the contamination concentration fell below environmental standard. Post remediation monitoring was done for 2 years to confirm no rebound in the groundwater concentration.

Field results of EcoClean-M:

Site location: Ibaraki prefecture, Japan.
Area: Approximately 10,000 m2
Hydrogeology in brief: Unconsolidated unit of gravel underlying loamy soil with hydraulic conductivity varied with depth from 10-2 to -410 cm/sec.
Bioremediation: EcoClean-M was injected under gravity after diluting in water. Within 30 days after injection the groundwater contamination concentration dropped below environmental standard (0.05mg/L) at more than 20 monitoring wells. Post remediation monitoring was carried out for more than 2 years to confirm no rebound in contamination concentration.

Site: Kampur, India


Successful remediation of groundwater contaminated with Hexavalent chromium was demonstrated with injection of EcoClean-M at Kanpur, India. The demonstration was funded by the Blacksmith institute ( homepage ) and was monitored by Central Pollution Control Board under the Ministry of Environment and Forest, India.
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