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Advantages of EcoClean and EcoClean-M

1. Effective in a wide range of sites

Till date, EcoClean and EcoClean-M have been applied on more than 60 sites in Japan and overseas. The unique combination of microbial nutrients in these products stimulates a wide range of microorganisms. Therefore we do not depend on presence, or absence of specific microbes such as Dehalococcoides. EcoClean has been successfully applied to remediate at least 3 sites in Japan where Dehalococcoides was not detected.

2. Cost effective and ease of application

EcoClean and EcoClean-M are completely water-soluble and therefore can be injected subsurface under gravity using simple mixing pump and tank. Under ideal hydrogeological conditions these biostimulants can propagate for more than 10-15 m in the groundwater. Therefore these are widely accepted by clients to apply at active manufacturing facilities. These can be applied through wells located 10-20 m apart at these facilities without disrupting the day today manufacturing activities. The application does not need the use of heavy machineries.

3. Short remediation time

The time taken for remediation depends on several factors such as hydrogeology, contamination concentration and distribution, presence of co-contaminants etc. In general results of contamination degradation can be obtained within 2-4 months of EcoClean or EcoClean-M application on most of the sites. As compared to traditional techniques such as "pump and treat" which takes more than a decade to completely clean a site, EcoClean or EcoClean-M can perform the same job in a matter of months. That would save huge operation and maintenance cost. Please refer to the field results for more details.

4. Degrading high concentration

We have successfully cleaned several sites containing contamination of tens of mg/L order within a span of few months, which, in general, are thought to be difficult to degrade by bioremediation within such a in short time. Till date, the highest concentration of contamination completely degraded with EcoClean is 380mg/L of TCE and 120mg/L of C-DCE. At many sites, we have witnessed that the application of EcoClean dissolves the sorbed phase of contamination and thereby helps increase the bio-availability of contaminants for complete microbial degradation.

5. Ultra-Low energy requirement

Unlike many other technologies such as "pump and treat", soil vapor extraction EcoClean or EcoClean-M based bioremediation takes a small amount of fuel/electricity. At many sites simple mixing pump and gravity feed injection is practiced.



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