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How to use

How to use

Both EcoClean and EcoClean-M are a water-soluble. The application rate varies usually between 400-1000 g/m3 of contaminated volume. These biostimulants are usually dissolved 200-400 times in water and applied to the contaminated media. As shown in the figure, a simple mixing tank and mixing pump are required for injection. Usually the biostimulant solution is fed by gravity without additional pressure into injection wells. Since these biostimulants are completely soluble in water, these can propagate more than 10m from the point of injection under ideal hydrogeological conditions.

The EcoClean application rate, injection technique, and precautions while and after injection etc. vary with concentration of contaminants, hydrogeological and geochemical parameters. Please contact us to know more about this. Our experts with their experience of working on hundreds of contaminated sites can help you design cost effective remediation.


Injection process

Mixing Tank Injection Equipment Injection well
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